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About AirON

AirON Group is a company of innovation, technology services and outsourcing. AirON collaborates with clients to help them follow the reality of the changes needed to improve performance in your business.

In AirON, we create technology that accelerates the success of business today, with an emphasis on telecommunications companies. We rely on the presence in Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

With headquarters located in Spain, we have the experience that ensures the provision of best practice in all software and solutions that we create.

riverSOA Suite of ProductsOur goal is to incorporate only the best of the best, after conducting a rigorous selection process, which relies on the premise: If you're not passionate about what you do, and also for Software and Technology, we politely ask you to find another company to work for.

We are the creators of the Fresh-IT concept, where we use Agile (Agile Methods) to build softwares to support high level companies.

In AirON, we are specialized in offering services at all levels of telephone companies, and especially in the area of ​​OSS.

Our experience in operating and monitoring telecommunications systems comes from managing many projects, network monitoring and analysis, especially in the area of Telefonica in Spain and Latin America.

We are passionate

In AirON, we are passionate about technology and software, but the most important is that we love our job.

We strongly believe in a healthy environment, and mostly important, something interesting to work at, it motivates our employees to always get better ways of doing things, rethink and innovate, making everything flows better.

Our Products

In our software factory, we produce many kinds of applications, but our focus is in the area of ​​EAI (Enterprise Architecture Integration) with the main focus on SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

riverSOA Suite

It's a compendium of many of our products with the sole purpose of facilitating the integration of solutions for companies in which we operate.
The suite consists of:

  • riverSpring
  • riverDAO
  • riverJobs
  • riverFSM
  • riverConveyer
  • riverDTS
  • riverWorkflow
  • riverPortals
  • riverMC

To learn more about our product, read more.


Our response to an Enterprise Service Bus

  • Transaction Metadata
  • Transaction Metadata Vault
  • Xml Serializer
  • SOI Manager
  • PluginBase
  • PluginStepBase
  • EventLogger
  • I18 Localization
  • NMS (Normalized Message System)
  • Security


Our response to the Virtual Call Center, saving up to 75% of operating costs of a traditional call center.

Our Services

AirON provides a wide range of services covering the following areas:

Outsourcing: We offer highly trained professionals capable of leading any project within our customers.

Software Factory: We have the experience of our software architects, developers with the industry's most common technologies (JAVA J2EE, MS.NET, C#, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, etc.).

Technology Consulting: Our professionals have been participating in high-profile projects in various sectors, especially in the Telecommunications, Banking and Public Administration.

Most of our work in Consulting is within one of these areas:

  • Implementation of new architectures based on SOA
  • Mobility + Network + Platform
  • Quality of service in telecommunications systems
  • IT Governance Plans and systems
  • Quality Assurance
  • Process Improvement Development
  • SLA Management
  • Audit systems, processes and IT organizations
  • Quality strategy based on risk